In response to the Liverpool Biennial, I decided to work on some structural/abstract work, using simple shapes and block colour. Our kitchen was recently tiled, so I decided to use the leftover tiles as a base, and experiment with spray painting and block colours. I used masking tape to block off parts of the tile and then sprayed over them. It was interesting to see the effect as the borders weren’t clean cut but slightly feathered with the silver paint.

Next I decided to do another abstract piece using an A5 piece of MDF. I used this size for my experimental pieces to try out different techniques, and for this I created a rectangular stencil out of spare cardboard. I chose different coloured Ironlak spray paints and moved the stencil as a painted, creating a rough, layered piece.

The third experimental piece shown here is the brick pattern. With this I was greatly inspired by an artist from the Landscape Artist of the Year on Sky. This artists used masking fluid with her watercolour paints to create clean cut, geometrical paintings of buildings and cityscapes. I used some masking fluid to create the simple pattern of the bricks and then painted over in acrylic paints and spray paint. I also did some more examples using inks and watercolours.