My second workshop canvas making, and the experimentation with tiles culminated in creating a small MDF structure. I wanted to work with MDF because I have enjoyed using it as a surface in the past, and I had been inspired to create something solid and structural from the pieces I had observed at the Liverpool Biennial. I also wanted to experiment with tiling, in a pattern reminiscent of the brick pattern I had created in my experiments. I laid these out over the A2 MDF boards and decided to use three, and attach hinges between each board to create movement and interactivity with the structure.

The tiled surface and hinges almost suggest something functional, although there’s no true function to the piece, apart from creating an empty space when folded inwards, and creating a wall effect when laid out.

When I made this structure I really enjoyed the act of working with the board, and the tools involved in attaching the hinges and creating something three dimensional.