Lucia Pietroiusti gave a lecture for the Visiting Artist Talk in October. Pietroiusti is Curator of Public Programmes at the Serpentine Galleries , and she spoke mainly about her work as a curator of performances, sound performances, digital work, and ‘Serpentine Cinema’ films and other talks and conferences.

The work she curates revolves around concepts such as trauma and mourning, especially through time-based works in order to make them current. She also addresses debates that are both current and deeply steeped in stereotypes of the artist, for example the idea that art and madness are interlinked, but in the context of the current mental health revolution. Pietroiusti studied gender studies and diversity is a broad concern of hers, and she creates it through work relating to art, religion, and science, as well as connecting with technology and current media and political situations. Many of her more recent projects have been curating work by female artists.