Our first visiting artist talk of the year was by Seize collective, a local group of Leeds University alumni. They spoke to us about their individual artistic processes which was fascinating, especially Sarah-Joy Ford who explained her craftwork based around feminism and queer theory. Her work was incredibly well done and relates to a lot of my political thought which is why I was so engaged. As well as this, she spoke about her enegement with Leeds itself, and the city’s history, as she did an exhibition inside an old mill. This engagement with politics and the local environment in art is something I believe is important to centre yourself in such a quickly evolving world, and it is nice to feel validated and represented within my own identity when I see her work.

sarah joy ford.jpg

Another topic the two representatives told us about was their most recent exhibition at the time, Sleaze, which revolved around the sensual and titillating. The photograph at the top displays some of the work they produced for this exhibition, and it’s interesting to see how each artist interpreted the prompt.

It was really useful for us as well because they gave us a lot of advice on becoming a practising artist and websites to find opportunities and network with other artists.