My first workshop this semester was a casting workshop. I had never casted something before and we were asked to pick a vegetable as we were beginners. I picked a pepper for its interesting shape, although I knew it was most likely that the stem would break off because of its odd asymmetrical shape. Above are photos illustrating the process.


The second workshop I did this semester was canvas making, and it was incredibly interesting. We were introduced to all of the machinery needed to cut down the wood and created the angles, but my favourite part was anything hands on. I work in a framing shop at home which occasionally allows me to work with the frames in the workshop, and this relationship with the materials is what I enjoyed about creating canvas frames. The use of screwdrivers and the act of stretching the canvas and stapling it in place was satisfying, as well as having a solid creation at the end to represent the work that went into it. I haven’t yet decided what to use the canvas for.