My creative life obviously largely revolves around visual art, from photography, digital work, collaging, and painting, to relief pieces and objects. However, I also have a background in creative writing, having done a two year course in a writing collective and produced published pieces. I currently produce non-fiction work, through these blog posts and more polished pieces for publication on university websites. Therefore one of my favourite interrogations of art and when the divide between visual culture and language is assessed and challenged, or language is seen as an art within itself.

Holly Pester is a poet and writer, and her work is formally experimental, engaging with sound and performance as well as emphasising language. Exemplifying this is her latest project Common Rest, which is an album constructed of sound work produced collaboratively, and poetry inspired by the lullaby included in the pamphlet. This relationship between the audio, the spoken, and the written is explored through emotion and purpose, creating something performative and sensory from traditional forms.

Go to Reception and Ask for Sara in Red Felt Tip is another interesting collection by Pester. Through this project she engaged with concepts of anecdote and gossip as a way to record history through an informal method, looking through archives and responding to the history of the Women’s Art Library. The material she dealt with was based on and produced from feminist ideas, especially the prolific feminist activity from the 1980s, and the idea of gossip as a way to record this history is almost meta in the way it challenges notions of womanhood and feminism.