Our fourteenth visiting artist was Carla Scott Fullerton. Fullerton lives in Glasgow and completed her MFA in 2008 at the Glasgow School of Art where she also won the Glasgow Sculpture Studios MFA Graduate Fellowship Prize 2008. Over the next few years she completed residencies in Glasgow, Belgium, Vienna, and Liverpool, and has had solo exhibitions in Berlin, Belgium, Liverpool, and Glasgow.

Fullerton is a sculptor and printmaker, and her work focusses on the processes and practcies of these crafts, focussing specifically on the relationships between people and architectures, forms and structures, construction and deconstruction. In accordance with this, her materials are formed of industrial mediums such as cement and steel, but manipulated them in liquid states, pouring them and removing the rigid boundaries imposed upon them in actual construction. In particular, during her residencies she explored these ideas in depth.

A lot of the sculptures she produces have hard edge, geometric in nature, although with no obvious purpose or usage, removing the context of architectural space altogether.