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Studio Practice

Photoshop 3

My third Photoshop project in preparation for my Open Studios was to create some digital collages using the photographs I had taken of architecture around Leeds. I superimposed aspects of some photos over others in order to line them up... Continue Reading →


Photography and Photoshop 2

In order to create more work based on geometry and architecture, I decided to take some photography of the interesting buildings around Leeds. Leeds is full of incredibly interesting and geometric building, for example the First Direct Arena or the... Continue Reading →

Photoshop 1

In preparation for my open studios, I wanted to change some of my textural pieces to A5 pieces. In order to do this I scanned them in and edited them on Photohsop, making them much more vibrant and colourful and... Continue Reading →

Structure 1

My second workshop canvas making, and the experimentation with tiles culminated in creating a small MDF structure. I wanted to work with MDF because I have enjoyed using it as a surface in the past, and I had been inspired... Continue Reading →

Experimentation 3

I built upon the work I did with masking fluid in response to Landscape Artist of the Year in this experimental project. I was still working on the concepts of texture, pattern, and material. The first piece I produced used... Continue Reading →

Experimentation 2

One of the first experimental projects I did this semester was based upon the ideas of texture and water. Last year I created abstract photos of water, and to build upon this I used a mirror and glass outliner in... Continue Reading →

Experimentation 1

In response to the Liverpool Biennial, I decided to work on some structural/abstract work, using simple shapes and block colour. Our kitchen was recently tiled, so I decided to use the leftover tiles as a base, and experiment with spray... Continue Reading →

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